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The policy, direction and guidance to the Institute is provided by its Governing Council whose Chairman is the Minister of MSDE.The Executive Committee consisting of Secretary as its Chairman and Director General of the Institute as its Member-Secretary, executes the policies and decisions of the Governing Council through its whole-time Director General.


  • Assessing the training programmes and identifying the gaps to systematically conduct training programmes, orienting them as well as motivating youth towards entrepreneurship.
  • Developing and Designing various communication media tools for promoting the culture of entrepreneurship among different strata of society in the country.
  • Supporting and playing a catalytic role towards organizations engaged directly or indirectly in developing and promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment in the Country.
  • Providing consultancy services in the area of entrepreneurship and Skill Development especially for MSDEs.
  • In addition to above, Also Providing consultancy services to other Institutions engaged in entrepreneurial training either in the Government or in the Private Sector.
  • Designing, Conceptualizing and standardizing course curriculum for entrepreneurship and skill development programmes.

Research & Development:

  • Promoting research and development activities in the area of entrepreneurship, particularly in MSDE sector. Undertaking documentation and disseminating information related to entrepreneurship/ enterprise development.
  • Developing and publishing literatures, articles, journals and information material related to entrepreneurship/enterprise development/ Skill Development/MSDEs
  • Providing an interactive platform for exchange of ideas and experiences for various targets groups mainly through seminars, workshops, conferences as well as through training programs.
  • Identifying the Problem and developing feasible solutions by conducting research studies for generating knowledge and accelerating the development of entrepreneurship.


  • Creating a holistic environment to support entrepreneurship and skill development within the Institute.
  • Evaluating and revising the training programmes sponsored by NIESBUD so as to fit in with the internal and external environmental changes with respect to entrepreneurship and small business Development
  • The institute is actively engaged in creating a positive image among the general public on entrepreneurship and eliminating the misconception related to it. This helps in disseminating the information on entrepreneurship and skill Development fruitfully.