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Assisting/Supporting EDP's

  • Evolving Standardised Materials, Research, Publications.
  • Formulation of standardised procedures of identification and selection of potential entrepreneurs.
  • Preparation of Training Aids Material
    • Manuals
    • Handbooks
    • Lesson Plans
    • Learning Text
    • Case Studies
    • EMT Kits etc.

Training Of Trainers'/Promoters'

  • Accreditatiion Programme for Entrepreneurial Motivation Trainers
  • Trainers’ Training Programme for Enterprise Launching & Management.
  • Trainers’/Promoters’ Programme for Support Organisations such as SISIs, DICs, Development Corporations etc
  • Small Business Promotion Programme
  • Entrepreneurship Orientation Programme for HODs and Senior Executives

Research & Development

  • Promoting research and development activities in the area of entrepreneurship, particularly in MSDE sector. Undertaking documentation and disseminating information related to entrepreneurship/ enterprise development.
  • Developing and publishing literatures, articles, journals and information material related to entrepreneurship/enterprise development/ Skill Development/MSDEs
  • Providing an interactive platform for exchange of ideas and experiences for various targets groups mainly through seminars, workshops, conferences as well as through training programs.
  • Identifying the Problem and developing feasible solutions by conducting research studies for generating knowledge and accelerating the development of entrepreneurship

National/International Forum For Exchange Of Ideas & Experiences

  • The Institute organises National as well as International Meets for sharing experiences, with a view to enhancing success in implementation of entrepreneurship development programmes.
  • Organises Workshops and Seminars on comtemporary topics/issues such as sustaining entrepreneurship, emerging entrepreneurial opportunities etc.
  • Organises Workshops and Seminars on comtemporary topics/issues such as sustaining entrepreneurship, emerging entrepreneurial opportunities etc.

Services To Affiliate Members

  • The Institute affiliates individuals/ institutions/ organisations engaged in entrepreneurship development and related activities such as Ordinary, Associates and Corporate Members
    • Become Member of the Society and thus contribute towards discussing strategy for propogating entrepreneurship.
    • Provision of consessional Facilities
    • Free Services(Library, Documentation etc.)
    • Free Academic Advice/Guidance.

Developing Entrepreneurial Culture

  • The Institute strives towards creating a climate conducive to emergence of entrepreneurs from all strata of society
  • Conducts awareness campaigns for students of schools and colleges and Institutions of Higher Learnings.
  • Produces and distributes material for use by mass media like TV, AIR etc.
  • Organises group discussions representing a variety of cross-sections of the society.

Sustaining Entrepreneurship

Sustaining existing entrepreneurs is an important activity. In this direction, the Institute organises Continuing Education Programmes for SSI Entrepreneurs besides providing counselling and consultancy. Short duration training programmes on Working Capital Management, Marketing, Project Identification & Selection, Accounting etc. are conducted on campus, while counselling / consultancy is provided on and off campus.

Creation & Capacity Building Of EDP Institutions

The Institute provides support and guidance in establishing EDP institutions. The assistance covers developing programmes & faculty, providing training,library facilities and sharing experiences of conducting programmes at the initial stage(s).

Small Business In Focus

The Institute focuses its attention on small business development by encouraging and supporting arrangements in remote and backward areas. The number and percentage of small business among small entrepreneurs is very large. The Institute concentrates its efforts on evolving a methodology for training, supporting and sustaining this Group.