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Innovative Leadership for Organization Growth and Excellence (ILOGE)

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Innovation plays a crucial role in survival, growth, and success of organizations. Market-lead organizations must constantly innovate, adjust to new business conditions, and seize opportunities before competitors do, as the path to success in a highly competitive and fast-growing global market is filled with obstacles. Meeting these challenges calls for Effective Leadership focused on leading organizational change, for growth and excellence.Effective leaders move strategy from concept into reality, bring together diverse people inspire, influence others to create “new and better” and empower people to realize their fullest potential to achieve common goals. At the same time, they drive change while remaining vigilant about countermeasures of their competitors.


Recognising the need toaccelerate the development of innovative leaders- who can identify, then constantly reinvent their organizations strategically to be efficient, productive and profitable, and sustain competitive advantage in a globally connected environment,and believing that Leaders are not just born or created by accident, but  developed through focused training  , NIESBUD had designed an eight weeks special International Programme on Innovative Leadership for Organization Growth & Excellence (ILOGE) program   which facilitated participants to explore how to create a nimble organization that balances innovation with performance  and experimentation with financial stability  and to  return to their organisations motivated to build   innovative change strategies that inspire organizational change and drive success.





The programme was specially designed to: –

  • Develop insight and skills for innovative leadership & entrepreneurship
  • Understand and practice the techniques for excellence through innovations
  • Build capacity for effective organizational processes for innovative/entrepreneurial leaders for Organization Growth & Excellence
  • Acquiring the ability to motivate and support people for organization growth


The eight-week programme commenced on 3rd February 2020 and was to conclude on 27th March 2020,however due to COVID 19 ,it closed a week earlier.


The course content was designed in a modular form comprising of the following modules: –

Innovation for Excellence

  • Leadership – Types & Styles
  • Qualities of Innovative/Entrepreneurial Leaders
  • ANT Theory
  • Creativity, Innovation & Excellence
  • Entrepreneurship Culture & Values
  • Inculcating Entrepreneurial Culture
  • Creative Visualization – generating ideas & innovative programs based on local problems



Achievement Concerns & Innovative Leadership

  • Motivating people for Excellence
  • Developing Achievement Syndrome
  • Behavioural Competencies for Innovative Leadership
  • Developing Entrepreneurial Leadership Qualities
  • People Skills Motivational Styles
  • Personal Effectiveness, Interpersonal Relationship, Influencing
  • Planning for Growth & Success


Organization Growth & Development

  • Project Management – Integration & Implementation
  • Developing Performing Team
  • Managing Personnel
  • Planning Training Interventions for Growth & Development
  • Communication – Interpersonal/Organizational Skill
  • Assessing & Managing Performance
  • Managing Conflict
  • Stress Management
  • Emotional Intelligence

Innovative Leaders Role & Responsibility

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Negotiation Skill
  • Mentoring & Counseling
  • Advocacy & Lobbying
  • Use of Information Technology
  • Training Methods
  • Assessing Training & Developmental Needs
  • Strategies for Organization Growth & Development


Field Studies

Visit to units run and managed by innovative leaders in different parts of India


Preparation of Study Visit Report and Back Home Action Plan

  • Reports on organizations visit
  • Back Home Action Plan


The course was geared towards adult learning and used participatory approaches as much as possible,which including lecture/presentation, discussions, simulation exercises, debates, group work, video discussions, question and answers, demonstrations, practical sessions, small and large group exercises, role plays and field trips.

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