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Entrepreneurship for Small Business – Trainers / Promoters (ESB-TP)

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Entrepreneurs are often thought of as national assets. Path-breaking offerings by entrepreneurs, in the form of new goods and services, result in new employment, which can produce a cascading effect or virtuous circle in the economy. The stimulation of related businesses or sectors that support the new venture add to further economic development. Overall, this results in an improved quality of life, greater morale and economic freedom.Thus, for the rapid development of society inculcating entrepreneurship is crucial for promoting small business and Development of entrepreneurship has become an important aspect of plan priorities worldwide. With growing experiences, however, the role of the trainer/promoter of entrepreneurship and small business has become more specialized and professionalized and requires constant honing and knowledge refining.

NIESBUD ,with its diverse and cross domain experience in developing such trainers/promoters, who could successfully help entrepreneurs of different categories such as men, women, educated unemployed youth, school dropouts, ex-servicemen, artisans, tribal etc., to identify and run their entrepreneur ventures successfully, designed an eight-week International Programme on Entrepreneurship for Small Business Trainers/Promoters (ESB-TP).




The programme was designed to enable participants to:

  • Develop appreciation of the entrepreneurship development process;
  • Learn designing and conducting of entrepreneurial motivation training to prospective entrepreneurs;
  • Acquire skills of identification of potential entrepreneurs and use appropriate selection techniques/tools for locating potential entrepreneurs;
  • Understand the dynamics of enterprise launching; covering the ability of scanning opportunity, project formulation and appraisal and mobilizing resources;
  • Developing insight in planning and executing support to prospective entrepreneurs in setting up their enterprises



The eight-week programme commenced on 3rd February 2020 and was to conclude on 27th March 2020, however due to COVID 19, closed one week in advance.



The course content was designed in a modular form comprising of the following modules: –

Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial quality Development

Behavioral competencies for micro enterprise

Enterprise Launching/Resourcing

Enterprise Management

Promoter’s Role and Functions



The course was geared towards adult learning and used participatory approaches as much as possible. A variety of methodologies were used, including lecture/presentation, discussions, simulation exercises, debates, group work, video discussions, question and answers, demonstrations, practical sessions, small and large group exercises, role plays and field trips.

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