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ESDP on Retail Sales Associate 04 Nov, 2019

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ESDP on Retail Sales Associate 04 Nov, 2019 1 retail team leader DGR 1 July 2019 niesbud noida

NIESBUD designed the Trainer’s Training Programme on Employability, Entrepreneurship and life Skills for the NSDC training Partners all over India. The outcome of this training is that the Trainers will enhance their skill on entrepreneurship and will be able to give proper Counseling and guidance to the students who want to set up their enterprises. The training programmes are started with the scientifically designed micro lab to break the mental block and build self confidence amongst the participants. All participants actively participated in the exercise and realized that the exercise had opened up their mind to come closer to each other. The main focus of the training was on to equip the participants about entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurial input can be added in the NSDC skill training programmes. The programme included different session for three days. On the concluding day of the programmes, the participants evaluated the training programme. In their individual report, all the participants stated that the programme was highly beneficial. They stated that the training programme was an eye opener for them. They also stated that this training has equipped them with knowledge of entrepreneurship and now they can guide the youth about the entrepreneurial career opportunities. This training will help them in showing the right direction to the youths, and they add entrepreneurial input in their skill training programmes. They also expressed that they have learned about various support organizations and their schemes for promoting entrepreneurship. The participants were of the opinion that this type of programme should be organized; it has enlightened them about the entrepreneurship and now they will enlighten the youths about entrepreneurship

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